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Just be nice

Do you ever feel bulled by signs or messages or instructions? I’m sure you know the things I mean – when you go into an office building or to the doctors or somewhere and it’s full of notices telling you what not to do. No eating. No parking. No touching. No talking on the phone. No entry. No speaking until you’re spoken to…

I get that there are procedures to follow and that places need to be functional and pleasant and safe for everyone but I don’t get why they can’t just be a bit nicer about it.

Years ago I worked in a bar I remember being told that the company who ran it (a huge national brewery chain) chose not to use the word ‘no’ on their signage. Instead of ‘no smoking’ (yes this was in the days of nicotine-stained pub walls and overflowing ashtrays on the bar) a sign would say something like ‘please refrain from smoking’. It was a conscious and clever way of asking you to do something rather than telling you not to. Nicer isn’t it? More positive, less dictatorial. And probably much more likely to be observed. It’s an approach I use whenever I can. There are very few corporate messages that have to be said negatively. I don’t mean you have to go all Pollyanna and put a positive spin on everything – you can’t. But most of the time there’s an alternative to the word ‘no’ or ‘not’ that softens a message and makes the information easier to digest. Try it.

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